Monday, April 19, 2010

its been awhile since i update my blog...
not in the mood to blog anymore...
but still considering whether to continue or not >.<>
= T_T
sports = :|
money = T_T
friendship = >.@
health = :(

starting with
1) Academic
taking -> Design of Experiments (DOE)
-> Real Analysis (RA)
-> Partial Differential Equation (PDE)
-> Marketing (MK)
-> Creative and Critical Thinking Skills (CCTS)
-> English for Advance Communication (ENG)

*all i can say is,i don't have any confidence to score in either of those like hell but still can't understand any of it... T_T i really need blessings from God... T_T ...lazy to talk more about it...whats past is past...let bygone be bygone...

2) Sports
Volleyball as usual...but only in colleges and inter-college matches...not to say that i'm lazy,but i really need that much time to focus on assignments that kept coming and coming...2 SSM,u know what i mean...things happened along the way...sweat and tears...but i don't mind that much because everything is for volleyball sake,for my volleyball friends,KTHO VC and UTMVC!!!! WAASAA!!!! ;) ...sold my Blocker and my old Mizuno knee pads to Mr Hussin aka Rabbit aka Billie Joe Armstrong aka Mr Billie Liu...i'm kinda miss though...but,better sell it rather than watch it cover with dust ^^"...loving my Black-White Mizuno Wave Tornado 4 and my Black T10 Mizuno Knee Pads so much!!!~ cant live without it!!! Ah~ don't forget about the V3s and the Phitens... ^^v

3) Money
This sem really wrecked...broke all the used for assignments,practical i.e printing,additional fees...need to work twice as hard to get extras... T_T ...only 'R' knows how i feel... T_T

4) Friendship
lose some and gain some...its kinda trial for me...i'm a guy who is easily to get along with (*i think ^^")..but sad to say that i'm the only one who play the role of friends or bestfriend...i lose a few of bestties who i thought will stay together forever...but then,they've thought me that we need to look carefully for a true shining star among the bunch because they are the one who will stay with you forever and always be there for you when u need them(*but keep in mind,u need to the same for them ;) )...the experience and moments that i went through with my former bestties will be cherish for ever (: right now,God had sent me 'R'...i never thought 'R' will be a great friend because we only met in few tournies...but 'R' had proved his sincerity and honesty to me..and that makes him a real true bestfriend...happy to know that we are until now...'R' never let me down...same goes for me...hope we'll stay as bestfriend for eternity..praise to God(: ..'R' helped me pickup the pieces i left along the way...every morning he wakes me up and remind me about remembering God always...every night before 'R' sleeps,thanking each other for being the bestfriend is the great gift for me...THANK YOU 'R'!!!! you're the best budy!!! ;) for my life,it is still on...but let me just keep it to myself for awhile...i know all of u still remember love#1 and i'll add one more to the group which is #3 :P *jangan marah XD

5) Health
my health for this sem is the worst compare to previous semesters...high fever,migraine,bleeding,torn muscle,dislocated bones,heat stroke and even COMA!!!! OMG!!! what happened to me???!!!! been in and out of the hospital for i don't know how many times... = =lll need to recover during the hols...enough is enough!!! asthma2 go away!!! X(

i think that's all for now...kinda tired actually torchering myself thinking about LI(practical)...i really need this semester break to detoxify myself!!!! argh!!!! ttyl...cheers!!!~ ^^v